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People who work as tailors create or modify garments. Although most of them work in stores, others may do so from home. Self-employed tailors are common.

To make or modify clothing, tailors employ a range of stitching methods. They must be able to properly measure objects and cut fabric. In addition to employing sewing machines, tailors frequently stitch by hand with a needle and thread.

One form of apparel that certain tailors specialize in is bridal dresses, outerwear, or suits. Others might be able to wear various kinds of clothing. In addition to stitching, tailors may also help clients choose fabrics and trimmings and offer stylistic recommendations.

The function of the tailor has evolved a little bit with the emergence of ready-to-wear apparel. However, there is still a demand for knowledgeable tailors who can design unique designs or modify pre-existing apparel.

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  • Offensive or inappropriate content 
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