Passionate about writing something and showcasing it in front of a relevant audience? Here is I Love Aussie which has a considerable number of visits per month, and we are always eager to post new blogs written by new hands to contribute to our ranking.

We love posting Guest Posts as they offer our readers a range of diverse insights on all the topics we cover. So, if you have exceptional writing skills and would like to shelf it on a platform where readers can read it, you can reach us.

When you are about to make a move to submit a topic to us, we would request you to take out some time and read this entire page. It will answer all your questions on what are our requirements and expectations from a Guest Post.

Here’s How You Must Have Found Us!

If you are like us and understand the value of organic search engine optimization, you know the worth of posting guest posts. You know how posting Guest Blogs is one of the best tactics to reach a wider audience, build relationships, and climb to the top of the SERPs through great content. If you are looking to get a high-authority website to post your content, that is what we are here for – to provide you with the platform to voice your content.

You must have found us through the following searches to find a website that offers you to add your Guest Post on their website with just a minimal fee.

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If that is true, you have landed in the right place. All you need to do is make sure to read the guidelines and create a post in sync with the guidelines.

What Topics Can You Write For Us?

For a guest post to be successful, the content has to be unique, data-driven, actionable, and something that presents untouched information to our readers.

We accept posts on a variety of topics, including but not limited to-

Pest Control Moving Services
Event Management Handyman services
Plumbing Services Painting services
Lawn & Turf Services Automobile services
Dentist Construction
Solar Panels Installation Photo Framing
Nail salon Tiling services
Wallpaper Installation Air Conditioning services
SEO services Flower Delivery
Home Renovation Restaurant
Window Cleaning Interior Decorators
Carpet Cleaning Business Curtains, Blinds, and more.

Where I Love Aussie Will Post Your Blog?

Your blog will be posted in the blog section of the website. As soon as the guest article is published on our network, you can include a link to it on your website and promote it within your social network.

We Have A Few Requirements To Write For Us

When you are writing for us, here are the few things we want you to make sure the post has – 

  • It is 100% plagiarism free. We will not accept posts that are already published elsewhere. 
  • We have not covered the topic earlier. 
  • It has high-quality writing and compelling arguments. 
  • The word count is 1500+.
  • Do not use buzzwords and jargon, including benchmarking, paradigm, synergy, tipping point, off‐shoring, next generation, and more. 
  • Keep the tone casual and not corporate but friendly and conversational. 
  • Attach attributes to any quotation, data, or outside content reference. 
  • The blog should match the website’s tone, style, and format. Read the existing posts to get an idea and create the same feel of your blog as ours. 
  • Make it readable, and high-quality by adding headings, subheadings, bullet points, and short paragraphs. 
  • Add value by adding images, infographics, data, graphs and more. 
  • It should have only two links to your company’s website. 
  • You must stay open to making changes after the review.  

Types Of Posts We Aspire to Post

To find out what types of posts work for us and what do not, we conducted an extensive study and found a few types of posts that perform well, which include – 

  • How-to guides 
  • Topics posted earlier have NEW and DIFFERENT angles, perspectives, and more up-to-date information 
  • Posts in question and accurate answer format 
  • List of tools, tips, and techniques
  • Any first-hand experience of a strategy, experiment, test, or more. 
  • Industry trends, insight, or data
  • Create ideas or real examples 
  • Smart practices 
  • Creative ideas or real examples 
  • Things to do/remember, and more

Who is Our Target Audience?

Our audience consists of a different group of people who belong to varied fields. They are students, fashion designers, health trainers, travellers, entertainment industry strugglers, foodies, and more.

They are comfortable with the topics and fields they belong to but are looking forward to discovering new ways to do things and make work and life easy.

They are someone who wishes to stand out from the crowd and thus think they must do everything in hand to learn and grow. Consequently, they read informative blogs with actionable and meaty content to get new insights that help them advance their skills and knowledge. 

What We Cannot Accept

Even if we want to have you join our guest writer’s list, we can not accept posts from you if they include any of the following – 

  • Post talks about a job post 
  • Press release
  • Gambling events
  • Property listings
  • Guest blog is purely link building
  • It is promotional and not educational. 
  • If the content is inaccurate or offensive
  • If the blog and our website themes are not in sync

Ready With the Post? Let’s Write For Us!

Are you ready with your pitch? Let’s get started! Send us your draft to our mail id You can reach out to us if choosing the topic seems confusing or if you need a brainstorming on the topic. You can unhesitatingly drop us a mail, and we can hop on a discussion session to begin the process of making the Guest Post successful.