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Are you looking for a platform to publish your content and increase the influence of content? You have landed at the right place! I love Aussie always feel pleasure to welcome new and passionate writers to contribute their valuable content on Historical Landmarks. Get in touch with us if you have a great idea about Historical Landmarks! We are always looking for bloggers to publish useful, interesting, and engaging articles. We are also an excellent resource for publishing your content and obtaining high-authority backlinks for your domain.

How to Search for Good Blog Posts in Your Niche Types?

Being a passionate blogger, we understand your wish to write and publish your informative content on famous blog sites. To submit your content in your niche, you must find the right blog posting site.

Below are some terms on Google to find famous and high-authority guest blogging websites to submit your content in your niche.

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Take the Time to Read Our Guidelines Before Submitting Your Content:

  • Articles should have at least 1500 + words excluding the title.
  • The readability and SEO scores of the articles should be above average.
  • Articles should pass Grammar, Plagiarism, SEO, and Readability checks.
  • Content must be 100% original and unique and hasn’t been published elsewhere.
  • Use proper headings and subheadings to structure content.
  • You can break the article body into as many sections as possible to make the content attractive.
  • Use simple language.
  • You can add a minimum of two internal links to pages within your website that relate to your article topic.
  • We only accept high-quality and original content.
  • Short paragraphs: try to keep the paragraphs less than 5 to 6 lines. It’s easier to read the content.
  • You can add relevant images or graphs to your article and support the content.
  • It must be preferable that documents be sent as Word or as GoogleDocs. 
  • All articles must be edited by grammar, punctuation, style, and content.
  • You should follow SEO best practices regarding headings, short paragraphs, skimmable, etc.

What to Avoid:

We do not accept articles on

  • Adult content
  • Gaming
  • Drugs
  • Religion or Politics
  • Thin content because it offers little value
  • Offensive/overly critical content

Some Good Guest Post Topics We Cover Include:

We are interested and passionate about posting articles in the following industries which include:

  • Legal Marketing 
  • Financial Marketing
  • Insurance Marketing 
  • Real Estate Marketing 
  • Non-Profit Marketing
  • Wallpaper Installation
  • Website Design & Development Marketing 
  • Digital Marketing Guest 
  • General Business Marketing 
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • And More!

(Important note: Only contact us for paid posts. You can get in touch with us for information about our prices).

How to Submit Articles?

Send your complete article and/or pitches to bucksadvertisement@gmail.com . We’ll review your content and revert to you only on business days. 

If your article is selected for publication, we will set a date and you will receive a follow-up email with all relevant information.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The ‘I Love Aussie’ team!