Best Weight Loss Challenge Apps for iPhone Users

Best Weight Loss Challenge Apps for iPhone Users

Who doesn’t want to look fit?

Weight loss can be tough, especially when motivation is lacking. Thus using appropriate Weight Loss Assistance can be comfy throughout the process of losing weight.

Using a Weight Loss Challenge App is a great decision, especially when challenging yourself and others.

So here we have done the work for you by mentioning some handpicked Weight Loss Apps, especially for iPhone, to suit your requirements. Scroll on!

Here are the 5 Best Weight Loss Challenge Apps for iPhone Users


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This App is for those who want an easy, fun, and effective way to lose weight with friends and family.

This fun weight loss app will help you achieve your goals by putting you against your friends and family to see who can lose the most weight in a specific time.

This App will let you make a group with your friends and family members where you all can compete healthily. Simply sign up and create a group and invite your fellow mates.

Name Competish
Features Chat, Track Progress, Daily Push Notifications, Track Weight Loss
Pricing Price: Free


  • 4 weeks – $2.99
  • 12 weeks – $8.99
  • 8 weeks – $5.99
Size (MB) 62.7
Age Rating 17+
Compatible Device iPhone
Rating 4.3
Social Media Instagram,
Download Link

Review on App Store: “ Wanted to Rate 5 Star But-
I love the idea of this app, and love doing the competition with my friends. I wanted to rate this 5 stars but it’s so buggy. Anytime I try to look at the group details it says “invalid group ID” and won’t match me or anyone else up in the group. Not to mention it requires a picture of the scale to weigh in then let’s you enter any weight you want? And a few of my friends have issue with the app crashing on them.

Over all I love this app but it definitely needs improvement. I’d recommend giving it a shot… I just hope the creators fix it up a bit.” – Vanessa71638492926:7


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The most practical nutrition-focused weight-loss iPhone app you can ever find is Strive.

Strive tracks your routine based on your calorie, nutrition, and exercise to help you stay in control throughout your weight loss journey.

In the app, you’ll find various charts and graphs which will provide you with powerful statistics showing how far you have come in your weight loss journey.

Name Strive
Features Steps, Miles, Move Calories, Exercise Minutes, Weight, Body Fat, BMI calculation
Pricing Price: Free


  • Annually – $5.99
  • Monthly – $0.99
  • 6 Months – $3.99
Size (MB) 21.9 MB
Age Rating 4+
Compatible Device iPhone
Rating 5.0
Social Media Instagram,
Download Link

Review on App Store: “ Great app to track weight loss competitions
I’ve been using this app for several weeks now and it’s been great so far. Being able to enter into competitions and competing against other like minded who want to lose weight and get healthy is great. It motivates me to keep working hard because other people are also working towards the same goals. Download this app now you will thank me later 😁” – calihooper23

Better Together

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Want to lose weight amusingly? BetterTogether – Losing weight together will help you reach your goals in a fun way.

Better Together will allow you to create weight loss challenges and invite your friends to experience a better health challenge. You can plan your schedule and work on it to achieve your goals using a well-created application interface.

Name BetterTogether
Features BMI Score, Steps Tracking, Weekly Target, Daily Tips, Chat With Group Members
Pricing Price: Free


  • Monthly – $4.99
  • Yearly – $34.99
  • 12 week – $19.99
  • Tip amount 1 $1.99
  • Tip amount 2 $4.99
  • Monthly with 14 days trial $4.99
  • Yearly with 14 days trial $34.99
  • Tip amount 3 $9.99
  • 12 weeks Subscription $24.99
  • Monthly $5.99
Size (MB) 272.4
Age Rating 4+
Compatible Device iPhone
Rating 4.7
Social Media Instagram,
Download Link

Review on App Store: “ Best App Ever!
Better together is exactly what the name implies… ever goal is more attainable if working together! My sister and I needed to lose weight. After many dieting attempts and then many failures I decided we needed to make this a competition. I searched for an app to help make this a competition and Better Together was my choice. Wow, I’m so glad I found this because my competitive sister and I are finally on the right track to becoming healthier. You could almost say this app may help save my sister’s life as she has high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I like the goals and how we are held accountable for drinking water, steps we take, and flights climbed. I whole heartedly recommend this app and am so grateful it is available! Thank you! ” – NancyH11558


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DietBet has some easy and intuitive ways to lose weight because over 1,000,000 people have chosen DietBet to help them lose weight.

The App has amazing scientific data to show you ​​how amazing weight loss is and when you will reach your goal. This will give you a positive and motivating perspective when planning weight loss and healthy exercise.

The App comes with featured games, which you can play and lose weight in a fun and enthusiastic way.

Name DietBet
Features Workout Tracking, Workouts For Strength And Weight Loss
Pricing Price: Free
Size (MB) 72.8
Age Rating 17+
Compatible Device iPhone
Rating 4.8
Social Media Instagram,
Download Link

Review on App Store: “Success!
I started using the DietBet app in February 2019. I’m down 30 lbs. since 1 January, 25 of that list in the program. I appreciate the accountability, community, and competition. Trying to take a full length photo of myself with the scale numbers visible is challenging when you live alone, but every other aspect of DietBet has been easy. I’m very happy with the friendly, helpful customer support personnel. They answer email or messages in the app very quickly. And, they appear to be actual humans— encouraging, upbeat people who actually care about the customer— not programmed machine answers you get from most tech support now. I’m within 3 lbs. of my goal for the end of this game on 28 July. If I keep steady, I’ll easily make it and start on a new game. I’ve struggled with weight for decades. DietBet is the first success I’ve had in a while. To be honest, I don’t know why DietBet is working for me when other programs didn’t. Whatever the program variables are that are helping me to success, I’m going to keep on using this app. First success in years, and I don’t argue with success. I hope it works for you, too.” – TioJuan

Happy Scale

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Happy Scale is one of the high-rated and loved apps for weight loss challenges, where you can easily get personalized meal plans by simply adding your weight details, measurements, etc.

This App has several meal options, like Protein Diet, Vegetarian diet, Pescatarian and much more.

Name Happy Scale
Features Track Weight Loss Progress, Predication When To Hit The Goal
Pricing Price: Free

In-App Purchases:

  • Happy Scale Premium (Monthly): $1.99
  • Happy Scale Premium (Lifetime): $39.99
  • Happy Scale Premium (Yearly): $11.99
  • Happy Scale Premium (Lifetime): $39.99
  • Tip $1: $0.99
  • Tip $5: $4.99
  • Tip $3: $2.99
  • Tip $10: $9.99
Size (MB) 31.6
Age Rating 4+
Compatible Device iPhone
Rating 4.9
Social Media Facebook,
Download Link

Review on App Store: “ This is the most encouraging, motivating tracker I’ve used!
Nearly a decade ago, I lost 40 lbs over the course of a year through food tracking and using a pedometer. Then I had two babies, my weight climbed, and with my childbearing years behind me I wanted to get serious about losing the excess weight once again. Last time I did this, I tracked daily weights for data gathering, but found it so hard to trust in the general trend when the number on the scale jumped around by as much as 5 pounds day to day, and sometimes seemed just stalled on a certain number. I remember how discouraging it would feel some days, and I needed extra willpower not to sabotage my progress and self soothe with pints of ice cream. This time around, I started my fitness journey with confidence in my ability to do this because I did it once before, but I really wanted to find a weight tracking app that would tell me more about the real time movement of my trend based on the data points I fed in. Happy Scale is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I love this app! It really takes the sting out of fluctuating daily weigh ins, and keeps me feeling motivated and in control of my journey. Highly recommend this app. Well worth paying for the premium features. I’m 20 lbs down since the COVID pandemic hit, and hoping to be at my goal weight of 150 by the end of the calendar year 2020. Thank you, Happy Scale!” – QuapaMama

Why using Weight Loss Challenging Apps is Advantageous

Many of us believe there is no alternative to losing weight or working out with a trainer to achieve a fit body. However, this misconception has been dispelled with the advent of home workout apps built using the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technologies.

So here are some Advantages of using Weight Loss Challenge Apps over going to a physical gym.

  • They are Cost Efficient

A Weight Loss Challenge app is much more affordable than a gym. Most of the gyms are undoubtedly overpriced in comparison to what services they offer and how often we make use of Gyms.

However, weight loss challenge apps are priced differently. Some apps, like simple exercise techniques, are free, while others cost around $20 a month, offering useful features like personalized diet, depending upon one’s needs.

The average price of the fitness app is around $15 per month with an annual subscription. The longer the subscription you choose, the cheaper it is. But most valuable is the free trial that almost every workout app offers.

  • They are easily accessible

With the advent of technological advancements, smartphones have gone so far that almost everything can be done and accessed with just a few clicks.

Thus, such workout apps or platforms provide opportunities to exercise at a convenient time. The only things you need for this are a smartphone and a good internet connection.

So even if you are out on a family trip, out of the station for office work, or anywhere far from the city, there is no way you are going to miss your workout session.

  • Personalized Workout Programs

Everyone has a different body type, so different fitness goals.
Not one plan suits all because of varying body needs and requirements.
So most Workout Apps are built with AI ( Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning), which combine and help provide the most suited workout plans according to individual users.

What you are required to input is some details such as your body measurements, your present fitness levels, current diet, future fitness goals, and much more. Based on this information, the application will create a unique and personalized exercise and diet plan for you.

  • Wide Variety of Trackers

Another benefit you get out of using applications is a Variety of Trackers.
Nowadays, a wide range of trackers come along with weight loss apps.

Trackers help you calculate the number of steps you walk and the number of calories you have burnt or gained, and even how well you sleep.

No doubt, such featureful trackers make one’s journey towards fitness goals easy and smooth. You would get meaningful benefits from these applications, which ensure a wide variety of trackers.

Some Finest Weight loss Challenges

Some weight loss challenges can be helpful enough to reduce your gained weight. These weight loss challenges take an input of the weight you want to lose in a specific time. So before anything, know your weight loss goal.

These weight loss challenges will also motivate you to stay on track. This is because working on fitness goals is a two-way process. Your input is required.

So here are the three most common but important weight loss challenges you must take.

  • Water Drinking Challenge

The simplest fitness challenge you can be offered is the Water Drinking Challenge.
From now on, start drinking 8 glasses of water every day. This practice has helped many people reach their fitness goals effectively.

Scientifically, water can help you lose weight in various ways. Water helps quell your appetite and helps in boosting your metabolism, making workouts much easier and more effective for your body.

  • Healthy Eating Challenge

Eating healthy food gets much easier when your cupboards and fridge are all stocked with healthy food items.

Take this as a 15 day challenge to test your strengths.
Sit down and feel the benefits of whole foods.
Here we have put some best healthy eating tips for you to follow.

  1. Go meatless – avoid eating flesh
  2. Start adding more vegetables to your diet, especially herbs.
  3. Consume more fruits along with your diet
  4. Start adding more spices to your diet
  5. Start eating tofu

Daily Exercise

  • Daily Exercise Challenge

“Exercising daily will help you lose weight” is not a belief; it is how your body works. Nothing will work for you if you aren’t ready to push your limits by yourself. You will have to take the necessary steps too.

Exercising helps your body lose necessary tension over your bones and even helps release fat in the form of sweat.

Thus, take this challenge by working out at least 15 minutes a day. Increment it by 5 minutes every day, and the moment you reach 1 hour a day, stop incrementing and continue it for as long as possible. Even a single minute of your dedication towards exercising a day will do a lot for you. So start investing your time in exercising.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the best fitness app?

Here are a few key factors to consider before choosing a fitness app:

  • Fitness goals: Know your goals first. It can be losing weight, gaining muscle or anything possible. Whatever your goal is, choose an app with the required features and ability to solve your problems and keep you on track to your fitness goal.
  • Budget: Some are free, while most apps require a monthly subscription cost. Fortunately, all the apps on our list have a free trial period too. Access the free version and if it suits your requirement, see if it fits in your budget or not.
  • User reviews: Most importantly, you should consider reading reviews on the specified app store. Reading what other users think can be valuable for you to decide whether a workout app will be the right fit or not.

What is the best weight loss app?

Almost all applications provide a wide range of features and flexibility like personalised diet, BMI calculator, sleep tracker, calorie tracker, etc.

Even all offer free versions and an option to subscribe to their premium features for you to access the App more flexibly.

Nonetheless, Strive is one of our best picks for you because of its wide range of features and engaging user interface. Strive offers engaging charts and statistics which makes understanding easier for the iPhone users. We have even explained more about Strive above.

How Much Do Weight Loss Apps Cost?

Various weight loss challenge apps have a free version. But they offer limited features.

Whereas paid subscriptions can be anywhere ranging from 4$ – 19$ per month, offering a wide range of features with many customizable options, personalized schedules and feedback, and access to their fitness experts.

How often should one use weight loss app?

We strongly recommend you habitually use your preferred weight loss app every day. These apps are effective only if you use them every day and correctly.

It has been observed that 62 per cent of users stop using the apps after the first week because they aren’t using them consistently. This means that only 48 per cent of the users stay committed and on track.

How to stay consistent with exercise daily?

One lacks consistency with exercise because they are doing the same old stuff. The only thing that can keep you consistent is constant change.
A constant change in your exercises and the intensity and
the method of your physical activity will be truly effective.

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