Best Sunrise Spots Melbourne In 2023

Sunrise Spots Melbourne

Watching the sunrise in a beautiful early morning is so esoterically calming. Melbourne’s sky in the early mornings is filled with mesmerizing shades of yellow and orange, which makes it look like a delightful heaven. Although it’s amazing to watch the sunrise from anywhere, there is no point in arguing with the fact that some places amplify the experience. If you are thinking of watching the natural miracle, begin with one of these Melbourne locations famous for watching the beautiful sunrise. 

Here we are providing some of the best sunrise spots where you can experience the best sunrise in Melbourne. Our list of best sunrise spots will fulfil your magnificent desire to watch a pleasing sunrise.

Best Places to Watch the Sunrise In and Around Melbourne

So let’s begin.



This is an assemblage of limestone stacks due to erosion from millions of years, approximately 45 m in height and 7 km wide. It is located in the Port Campbell National Park in Victoria, a nearly 4-hour drive from Melbourne City. This place is very famous for the sunrise so to watch the magical pastel illumination all over the coastline, try to visit early. Almost 1.5 million tourists reach this place every year. You can also enjoy this amazing site from a helicopter ride so that you can witness the true gem of a Great Ocean Road, i.e. the 12 apostles. People gather up along the beach to experience this phenomenal sight across these venerable limestone stacks which create unremarkable shapes during the sunrise. You can also visit Gibson Beach which is located nearly 1 km away from here.  There are 86 steps to reach the beach and you can witness the astonishing scene of penguins.

Name Twelve Apostles
Social Profile Facebook, Twitter
Contact Number +61 3 8427 2002
Address Great Ocean Rd & Booringa Rd, Princetown VIC 3269, Australia
Opening Time Monday: 9am–5pm
Tuesday: 9am–5pm
Wednesday: 9am–5pm
Thursday: 9am–5pm
Friday: 9am–5pm
Saturday: 9am–5pm
Sunday: 9am–5pm
Entry Fees Free
Sunrise Time 6:02 am
Nearby Attractions Londen Bridge, Port Campbell National Park

Review: “Crowded people, very good place management.  Nice walkway, interesting information boards, and interesting plants all along the side of the walkway, but some trash issues.  Why is it full of rude tourists?  Never mind. The scenery is worth seeing once in a lifetime.  It would be better to come here on a sunny and cloudless day, I love this place so much and want to come back.—Natthakit (ntk013)”



The next destination on your list for watching the spectacular dazzling sunrise can be in The Shrine of Remembrance. This was constructed in 1934, in the honor of Victorians who battled in World War First and you will come across over 800 artifacts of the 1850s period. It is so far one of the single most magnificent landmarks in the city and also one of the most acknowledged architectural structures. 

Visiting this place on Anzac Day, you can experience the magical sunrise with the crowd for Dawn Service. This will remind you of brave soldiers who fought for the country. Before heading to the next place, you can go nearby and enjoy the strong matcha latte from little rogue and freshly prepared pastries from Bakemono Bakers.  

Name Shrine of Remembrance
Social Profile Facebook, Instagram, Youtube
Contact Number +61 3 9661 8100
Address Birdwood Ave, Melbourne VIC 3001, Australia
Opening Time Monday: 10am–5pm
Tuesday: 10am–5pm
Wednesday: 10am–5pm
Thursday: 10am–5pm
Friday: 10am–5pm
Saturday: 10am–5pm
Sunday: 10am–5pm
Entry Fees Free
Sunrise Time 5:58 am
Nearby Attractions Victoria Barracks, Australian Hellenic Memorial

Google Review:The Shrine of Remembrance is truly a magnificent memorial to our servicemen and women.  Apart from surrounding gardens, Shrine, monuments and an eternal flame, there is an extensive and highly informative exhibit and gallery at the bottom of the structure.   The gallery leads to the crypt and then ascends to the balcony,  which affords a panoramic view of surroundings,  including the CBD, botanic gardens and Port Melbourne.  I visited for 2-3 hours but will return again as there’s more to read and see in the gallery.   The NGV and Royal Botanic Gardens are also nearby.—Zeph



This beach is named after the UK’s popular Brighton Beach and is one of the most visited beaches in Melbourne City. Here, you can come across the phenomenal sight of different shades of sunrise reflecting on the turquoise-blue calm water. You will also get attracted by the brightly painted bathing boxes that are standing on the sea-coast which were built in 1881. 

They are the only type of chambers available on the beach which makes it a more noticeable and iconic destination. After the thrilling sunrise experience, you can enjoy a small picnic with your friends and family by having some fresh fruits and drinks. In summer, it gets lots of tourists but it doesn’t get too cramped and its easily approachable location makes it more neighborly for tourists.  

Name Brighton Beach
Website NA
Social Profile Facebook
Contact Number +61 3 9599 4444
Address Esplanade, Brighton VIC 3186, Australia
Opening Time NA
Entry Fees Free
Sunrise Time 5:57 am
Nearby Attractions Jim Willis Reserve, Auswalk Walking Holidays

Google Review: “Beautiful beach with lovely and colorful small houses along the way. It is recommended to enjoy the white sand and tidal waves with your beloved ones.—-Yohanes Dari



It is a very popular spot, situated three kilometers from the city where you can reach to witness the beautiful sky filled with shades of sunrise. It has a walking track of around five kilometers bordered by palm trees which is mainly crowded by joggers and dog owners. Watching the sunrise with a hot cup of coffee while sitting with your loved ones by the sides of the lake is a next-level experience. This place is also one of the peaceful and natural scenery spots in this delightful outskirts. There is also an Australian Grand Prix hosted every year in March at Albert Park lake. After watching the sunrise, there are sports facilities, a gym, an aquatic center, and a golf course too for later entertainment.

Name Albert Park Lake
Social Profile Instagram
Contact Number (03) 8427 2010
Address Albert Park VIC 3206, Australia
Opening Time OPEN 24 HOURS
Entry Fees Free
Sunrise Time 5:58 am
Nearby Attractions Melbourne Skydeck, National Gallery of Victoria



People across the city complete this breathless trek just to witness the stunning sunrise. Kokoda Memorial Walk was built in the early 1900s and Kokoda veterans acquired this place in 1998, as a memorial to 625 Australian soldiers who were killed in World War II. This place opens at 6 am and is well known as a trip for visitors who are fitness lovers or athletes who can cover this approx. 3 kilometers trek and also enjoy the mesmerizing view of sunrise. 

This place is located under the Dandenong Ranges’ tranquil gum trees and you can also find lots of picnic spots over here. After enjoying the marvelous experience of sunrise, you can enjoy having local food and drinks with your family or friends in a nearby cafe. Not only this, but this place shows different species of birds which you can watch and capture too in this peaceful surrounding.

Name Kokoda Memorial Walk (1,000 steps)
Social Profile Facebook
Contact Number +61 131963
Address Tree Fern Gully Track, Tremont VIC 3785, Australia
Opening Time NA
Entry Fees Free
Sunrise Time 5:57 am
Nearby Attractions Dandenong Ranges National Park, Puffing Billy Railway

Google Review: “Beautiful, picturesque, always loads of cockatoos, bird life & wallabies. Very steep in section good area to train for grade 3+ hikes—Cindy James”

“The secret to a good morning is to watch the sunrise with an open heart.”~ Anthony T. Hincks


Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria - Melbourne Gardens

Suppose you are searching for a peaceful and environment-friendly place to witness the sunrise, in that case, the best place is the Royal Botanic Gardens which is situated on the border of Melbourne city. In this wide-ranging garden, there are more than 8500 plant varieties, zen lakes, and lush lawns. Also, the Tropical Glasshouse is covered with a variety of colorful flowers and palms. This place shows you the journey of the history of the Koolin nation. You can take a tour of the place after witnessing the sunrise. There will be a guide who will help you by telling you about the importance of plants in the form of food and medicines. It is a very amazing place for a picnic spot and if you are coming to this place with kids, then there is a playground too which is full of entertaining activities.

Name The Royal Botanic Gardens
Social Profile Facebook, Instagram, Victoria
Contact Number +61 3 9252 2300
Address Wurundjeri & Bunurong Country Birdwood Avenue, Melbourne 3004, Australia
Opening Time Daily 7:30 am – 7:30 pm
Entry Fees Free
Sunrise Time 5:58 am
Nearby Attractions Melbourne Observatory, The Man with the Donkey

Review: “I know that this is already a very popular tourist spot, but I still believe that it is understated on how amazing this park is. The gardens are really pristine and picturesque with a really amazing atmosphere. There were lots of people having picnics and many facilities to enjoy. There’s a kids garden and different themes of gardens. Definitely make this apart of your time if you’re visiting melbourne. :)–josiah” 

“Every sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone’s day.”~ Jhiess Krieg


Watching the sunrise is a beautiful experience and a perfect example of nature’s beauty. Its view is magnificent and pleasing. The above-mentioned best sunrise spots in Melbourne will offer you the best witness to a phenomenal view of the sunrise. Also, we have tried to provide the relevant information so that you can easily enjoy the best view of the sunrise in Melbourne with your loved ones. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Sunrise And Sunset Together Called?

The colour of the sky between night and sunrise or between sunset and night is known as ‘Twilight’. During this period, magnificent colors filled all over the sky which looked like a fairytale dream. This can be a perfect time of your day to enjoy this amazing magical sight with your loved ones. 

Is Watching The Sunrise Beneficial For Your Brain?

It is scientifically proven that watching the sunrise can improve moods, reduces depression, and helps in better sleep at night. So, adopting a new habit of waking up early and setting a time to step outside to see the sunrise and get not only the motivation but also a fresh start to the day. 

Which Country Has Two Sunrises?

It totally sounds like a miracle to see two sunrises in one day but it’s true. In Italy, the sun rises two times a day in the Village of Ora. It happens every day, during the winter time between 25th November to 17th January, for a total of 50 days. With the two sunrises, this place also witnesses two sunsets too. 

What Is The Blue Hour Sunrise?

The blue hour is the time of twilight which comes before sunrise and after sunset when the sun comes just under the horizon and creates shades of blue all over the sky. At this time, the light of the sun turns into different shades of blue. 


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