I LOVE AUSSIE is a curated blog about trends in Australia, inspired by my love for all things Aussie. I Love Aussie is an Australian blog where We share offbeat tips, hand-picked shares, insightful tips and stories and beauty hacks. We are open on an international travel, entertainment, Things to do, Lifestyle, Health etc blog by sharing inspirational stories and latest Aussie news to inspire people to visit Australia!

Our mission is to help people fulfil their dreams for buying good quality products with the latest styles that fit in their budget. It all started quickly growing, which is what we needed because sometimes we even had to sell our goods on eBay just to keep I LOVE AUSSIE up and running!

I also started a nursery as an extension of “I LOVE AUSSIE” because it’s not just goods you can buy, you can find great nannies too!

When you give someone a chance to express themselves they become content and better at communicating with yourself. That’s why we love Australians who know how to be hilarious because they usually have insights in mind when they tell you what is happening in their funny way.

Our blog features reviews of household items that are affordable and a great value for your money. We strive to help those looking for the latest technology find Australian providers that aren’t just the best deal but also an experience they will remember.

We provide coverage of Australian society from the glamorous parties to iconic eateries and share your stories with our global community. Whether it’s valuing great style or becoming an adventurous tourist, your secrets are safe with us! With so much happening in the world right now we want to create a community within our own country. Behind it all there is an optimistic and exciting place that doesn’t receive enough attention. I LOVE AUSSIE celebrates life as you know it without new feelings of fear and uncertainty every day.